2015 Legislation

AB 219 (2015) requires all drivers of trucks delivering ready-mixed concrete to public works projects be paid prevailing wage.

AB 596 (2015) assists veterans & first-time homebuyers by requiring homeowner associations to report on the status of their Federal Housing Administration and Department of Veterans Affairs certifications. The requirement will prompt more HOAs to seek certification and make more homes accessible to veterans and working families.

Budget Highlights


  • Invested an additional $14.3 billion for the K-12 school system and community colleges, including $6 billion to continue implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula, which targets increased resources to students who face the greatest challenges.
  • Implemented the first-ever California Earned Income Tax Credit ($380 million) to help the state’s poorest working families.
  • Payed down billions in debts, including completely paying off school deferrals ($1 billion) and debts owed to local governments since 2004 ($765 million).
  • Directed $1.9 billion in the state’s Rainy Day Fund, bringing the balance to $3.5 billion, along with another $1.1 billion in other budget reserves.