2016 Legislation

AB 1322 (2016) allows beauty salons and barber shops to serve their clients limited quantities of beer or wine at no extra charge.

AB 1907 (2016) prohibits the potential sale of the Orange County Fair & Event Center property.

AB 2476 (2016) requires non-resident property owners to be notified when the voters from the city in which the rental home is located have approved a new parcel tax on their local ballot.

Budget Highlights


  • Increased the size of the Rainy Day Fund to $6.7 billion, and directed $1.75 billion to a special fund to help the state prepare for economic uncertainties. Also paid down debts and liabilities by $1.3 billion.
  • Increased the minimum funding guarantee for K-12 schools and community colleges to $71.9 billion.
  • Maintained tuition costs at University of California and California State University at 2011-12 levels while providing significant, new one-time and ongoing funding increases.
  • Funded cost-of-living increases for Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payments, the first boost since 2005.
  • Included $2 billion for state infrastructure improvements and maintenance, including $1.3 billion for state buildings, $270 million for local jails, and $688 million maintenance at levees, state parks, universities and community colleges, prisons, state hospitals and other state facilities.
  • Continued California’s large investments in the Medi-Cal program, to serve millions of people who rely on this program for their health care.