Legislative Highlight: Recovery Residences

family copingIndividuals suffering from addiction often face many obstacles in their lives, but finding safe, supportive recovery housing should not be one of them. 

Under current law, there is no requirement for recovery residences, also known as sober living homes, to meet any standards for promoting recovery, including safe living environments for residents and neighbors alike. There is also no centralized source of information to help guide individuals and their loved ones in identifying safe and reliable recovery housing accommodations. 

Best Practices The ability to identify which recovery residences are safe and reliable is critical for remaining on the path toward recovery. 

To address this issue for both recovering individuals and communities alike, Assemblymember Daly introduced Assembly Bill 1779 to require the state to adopt a set of best practices for recovery residences. In order to receive state or county funding, residences would have to adopt quality control standards, including providing residents with a safe, supportive drug- and alcohol-free environment, and encouraging residents’ sense of belonging and responsibility toward the community around them. Lastly, the bill will provide consumers with a go-to source of information for identifying and locating safe and reliable recovery residences.

Empowered family moment Assembly Bill 1779 will help individuals continue their recovery in a safe environment and reintegrate back into society. 

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