Family Fun Day

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

CONGRATULATIONS to the elementary students of the 69th District who won our artwork contest and tickets to Disneyland!


1st Place:

Brianna Flores

Henry Elementary



2nd Place:

Enoch Oh

Benito Juarez Elementary

4th Grade


3rd Place:

Kayleen Anne Fernandez

Westmont Elementary

5th Grade


Runner up:

Dasha Acosta

Benito Juarez Elementary

6th Grade


We invited students to submit artwork that answered: What is your favorite family activity?

Submissions were encouraged to be a drawing, painting, or poem. Examples included:

  • Going to the park/beach for a picnic
  • Visiting your favorite theme park
  • Playing your favorite board game

Winning entries were announced and prices awarded at the Family Fun Day event on Saturday, October 21st in Boysen Park!