Daly Leads Charge to Promote Economic Growth by Reducing Processing Time for New Business Filings

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – The Assembly has voted to allocate $2 million toward clearing an unacceptable backlog of new business filings piling up at the Secretary of State's Office. The vote was 71-1, reflecting a strong bipartisan flavor.

The Assembly's action came less than a week after Assemblymember Tom Daly (D – Anaheim) pressed Secretary of State Debra Bowen to explain the reasons for the backlog, which forces entrepreneurs and business owners to wait an average of six weeks to get their paperwork processed.

As chair of a key Assembly Budget subcommittee, Daly helped focus attention on the fact that the waiting period in other states is often as short as five days.

Daly came to Sacramento on a mission to promote efficiency and cut red tape to spur job creation. News articles have described him as "relentless" in his efforts to clear the backlog at the Secretary of State's Office.

While they wait for their registration forms to be processed, businesses cannot apply for other necessary permits and licenses. And without those forms, Daly noted, "they can't get their businesses up and running, they can't begin to hire people, and in some cases, they can't even turn on the lights.

"In our economy, which is still struggling to build a head of steam toward full recovery, these types of delays can no longer be tolerated."

Daly is working with Assembly Speaker John Pérez and other Members of the Legislature to clear the immediate backlog and reduce the turnaround time for the processing of business filings to five days. He also plans to work aggressively to ensure that the Secretary of State's Office accelerates the implementation of online technology that will enable businesses to file the forms electronically.

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