Governor Signs Daly/Brough Bill to Help Address Homelessness- Bipartisan Legislation Will Give Cities More Flexibility in Spending Their Local Housing Funds

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO- Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. has signed Assembly Bill 346, legislation jointly authored by Orange County Assemblymembers Tom Daly (D – Anaheim) and William Brough (R – Dana Point).

The two lawmakers introduced the bill to give cities more flexibility in how they use local housing funds to help the homeless.

Assembly Bill 346 authorizes redevelopment “successor” agencies, under specific conditions, to use funds in the agencies’ affordable housing fund for the development of homelessness services, or emergency housing services. It also allows a successor agency to transfer up to $1 million to a neighboring jurisdiction for the development of a regional homeless shelter.

“California cities have fewer financial resources to use for addressing a wide range of local housing needs,” Daly said. “Unfortunately, current law also restricts how cities can use what little revenues they have available for such purposes. AB 346 will give them some additional flexibility and local control over how those funds are best spent to address specific needs in their communities.”

Brough noted that “the homeless population in Orange County is near 4,800 people, and our cities don’t have the funds to provide adequate services and housing relief. With the Governor signing AB 346, we are simply providing cities with a commonsense solution to best help their communities.”

The legislation by Daly & Brough is sponsored by the Association of California Cities -- Orange County, and is supported by more than a dozen municipal and nonprofit groups, including the Orange County Board of Supervisors.  

“This legislation allows municipalities the flexibility to work with their contiguous neighboring cities, as well as the County to expand homeless services and contribute to regional projects, like shelters for the homeless,” said Heather Stratman, CEO of the ACC-OC.

AB 346 officially takes effect on January 1, 2018.


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