Statement by Assemblymember Daly on Tragedy in Minneapolis

For immediate release:

"The horrible legacy of slavery continues haunting America. Let us use the tragedy in Minneapolis to deepen our understanding of the real pain in our Black communities, and as well to work harder and smarter toward a more just society in California and America.

Just last year, the California Legislature passed two new laws: The California Act to Save Lives and SB 230. I supported both of these. The California Act to Save Lives prohibits law enforcement from using lethal force unless necessary to defend human life. This use-of-force standard is one of the most protective laws in the country. The Legislature also established uniform use-of-force training programs, which includes training in de-escalation techniques.

Clearly, there is more work that must be done."

Assemblymember Tom Daly represents California’s 69th Assembly District, which includes the cities of Santa Ana, Anaheim, Garden Grove, and Orange.