Unclaimed Property – Don’t Wait to Claim Yours!

Currently, California is safeguarding more than $10.2 billion in lost or forgotten properties such as bank accounts, stocks, bonds, uncashed checks, insurance benefits, wages, and safe deposit box contents. Is some of it yours?

California's unclaimed property law was created almost 60 years ago to protect consumers because many businesses were leaving forgotten money on their ledgers, earning interest, or simply spending it. Now banks, insurance companies, and other businesses are required to hand over certain types of lost property to the State Controller.

To check if there is property waiting for you, visit www.claimit.ca.gov or call (951) 371-6860 for more information.

The Orange County Treasurer also receives a listing of monies which have remained unclaimed for over three years from each County Department and Agency. To see if there are currently any unclaimed funds, just click here.

Last year, the state helped return more than $258 million in unclaimed property. Don't wait to claim yours!