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Daly and Umberg Introduce Resolution Urging President Trump to Halt Efforts to Deport Vietnamese Immigrants Who Have Lived in the United States for Decades

Sacramento- Assemblymember Tom Daly (D – Anaheim) and Senator Tom Umberg (D – Santa Ana) introduced a resolution calling on President Donald Trump to stop any effort to reinterpret or renegotiate the 2008 U.S.-Vietnam repatriation agreement, actions which could dramatically increase the numbers of Vietnamese-Americans deported back to Vietnam.

Daly and Umberg have expressed concern that the Trump Administration’s change of policy will subject refugees of the Vietnamese war to deportation.

“These immigrants include people I have come to know and respect,” Daly said. “Many were allies of the U.S. and fought alongside our soldiers in the war against communists in Vietnam. Based on the Administration’s past actions, I am concerned that this aggressive policy will result in innocent victims-including some of those very same allies-being deported to Vietnam, where they will likely be treated harshly.”