Press Releases

Daly Spearheads New Framework for Groundwater Cleanup in Orange County

Assemblymember Tom Daly (D – Anaheim) will be withdrawing his measure, Assembly Bill 2712, prior to final consideration by the State Legislature, because the goals of the bill have been met. This decision comes after a groundbreaking agreement between the Orange County Water District and the Orange County Business Council to work together on crafting a new strategy for cleaning up contaminated groundwater in the county.

Daly’s bill required the Water District to collaborate with the Business Council, as well as with other state and local water agencies, to establish a clear set of guidelines for cleanup of contaminated sites.

City of Santa Ana Awarded $3.3 Million in State Funding for Bicycle and Alternative Transportation Projects

The California Transportation Commission recently approved $3.3 million in Active Transportation Program funding for six projects in the City of Santa Ana. 

“Congratulations to the City of Santa Ana on securing this competitive grant funding.  I applaud the City’s effort to achieve a more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly community.  These projects will result in improved safety and accessibility.”

Two More Daly Bills Signed by Governor Brown

In his first term, Daly continues to make a strong impact.

Sacramento – Governor Brown recently signed a pair of bills by Assemblymember Tom Daly (D – Anaheim) into law.  Daly has now successfully championed eight new laws in his first term.
Assembly Bill 1939 upholds important “prevailing wage” protections for workers.  Specifically, the new law allows a contractor to recover wages for its workers when a developer fails to disclose that the project is subject to prevailing wage requirements.

Assembly Bill 2136 modernizes state law to reflect the growing use of technology (especially social media) in real estate transactions.  The law exempts short-lived electronic messages from the requirement imposed on real estate brokers to retain specified records for three years from the date of the closing of a transaction.

Both bills will go into effect on January 1, 2015. 

The 2013-14 legislative session concludes on August 31, 2014.  All bills must be approved and sent to the Governor by that date for signature.

Daly Hosts Successful Fraud Prevention Workshop in Santa Ana

Santa Ana – Assemblyman Tom Daly, in partnership with the State Bar Association of California and the Orange County Labor Federation, hosted a Fraud Prevention Workshop in Santa Ana.   

The workshop provided consumers with practical information and advice on how to avoid becoming victims of fraud.  There were presentations in English and Spanish by the California Bureau of Real Estate, the California State Law Enforcement Association, the State Bar of California, the California Medical Board, and the California Department of Business Oversight.

“In this digital information age, it’s more important than ever that consumers are protected from scams.  This interactive fraud prevention workshop was a major success,” says Assemblymember Daly.

To learn more about how to avoid scams, contact the District Office at (714) 939-8469.

California Transportation Foundation Recognizes Assemblymember Daly as its “Elected Official of the Year”

Sacramento – The California Transportation Foundation (CTF) today honored Assemblymember Tom Daly (D – Anaheim) as its “Elected Official of the Year” for 2014.

Daly, who serves as a member of the Assembly Transportation Committee, was the author last year of Assembly Bill 401, which provides new authority to regional transportation agencies, and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), to utilize the design-build procurement method on transportation construction projects.

Assemblymember Daly Releases Statement on Rainy Day Fund Proposal

SACRAMENTO –  Assemblymember Daly (D-Anaheim) released the following statement after a bipartisan vote on the Rainy Day Fund proposal:

“Today, I enthusiastically supported placing the Rainy Day Fund proposal on the November ballot.  The Rainy Day Fund is a significant and responsible step toward ending the budget instability of the past.  Building a genuine reserve is the right and prudent thing to do.  Having a genuine reserve on-hand, in advance of future economic downtimes, will help California avoid drastic cuts to education and social programs, while also providing certainty to the job market.”

Assemblymember Daly Recognizes Holocaust Remembrance Week

For the past ten years, the California State Assembly has honored survivors of the Holocaust during Holocaust Remembrance Week.

Assemblymember Tom Daly is proud to recognize Hetty Nihom, a Holocaust survivor and resident of Santa Ana, as the 2014 honoree.

Hetty Nihom was only a teenager when the Nazis invaded the Netherlands. Hetty and her family endured months in hiding before eventually being captured and sent to the Westerbork camp.

Daly Recognized as Collaborative Lawmaker by ACC-OC

On April 10th, the Association of California Cities – Orange County presented Assemblyman Tom Daly with the Collaborative Lawmaker Award for his efforts to positively impact Orange County infrastructure through landmark transportation legislation, Assembly Bill 401.

Last year, Assemblyman Daly led the successful passage of this bill that enables an innovative, cost-savings approach to the $1.3 billion widening of Interstate 405 in Orange County. The Orange County Transportation Authority says this new law will save Orange County taxpayers approximately $100 million and speed up the project completion date by two to three years.  Already, other regional transportation agencies have embraced this new law, leading to massive savings for taxpayers across the state.

Assemblymember Tom Daly Recognizes Legacy of CésarChávez

Assemblymember Tom Daly is proud to recognize César Chávez Day, a State holiday honoring the life and legacy of a historic American leader.  His work with California’s Central Valley farm workers led to the creation of the United Farm Workers, which became a nationwide movement for workers’ rights and justice.

Daly Proposal Would Clarify Groundwater Cleanup Oversight to Protect Orange County Ratepayers

Sacramento – New legislation introduced by Assemblymember Tom Daly (D – Anaheim) is designed to establish a framework to provide appropriate oversight of groundwater contamination and cleanup conducted by the Orange County Water District (OCWD). 

Assembly Bill 2712 requires OCWD to coordinate its cleanup efforts with an established state or regional water quality agency.